Given the vast, sparsely inhabited spaces of Namibia's south, it is unsurprising that there are a just a few conservancies here, but their establishment is important to the sense of ownership and responsibility felt by their residents.

For visitors traveling to the Namib-Naukluft Park, its mountains, dunes and vleis, or along the B1 between South Africa and Namibia, there are a few communal conservancies in the area that offer campsites and open places to explore.

With no light pollution, the conservancies in the south provide the perfect backdrop for lying back and watching the stars fill up the night sky. Find Orion's belt, Scorpio, the Seven Sisters, and get lost in the depths of the Milky Way. Early morning and late afternoon, walks and gentle hikes in the area reveal interesting botanical wonders and forests of quiver trees (Aloidendron dichotomum).

The !Han /Awab conservancy straddles the road between Keetmanshoop and Lüdertiz, near Aus where wild horses roam free.