Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite

Epupa Falls Lodge: it has been here forever, since before the arrival of tour buses and self-drive adventurers from every nation across the globe. Back in the day, it was only a campsite with a fantastic view, now it is both lodge and campsite at one of the most marvelous places in Namibia.

Crawling along dusty roads through dry riverbeds, dodging a goat or cow, the route reminds one of a scene from Dirty Harry. Except that here you find the Himba and your destination is so much more scenic than any town in a Western-movie. The last 40 kilometers is dotted with rock marvels, stunning Baobabs and then finally… a green oasis of Makalani Palms hiding the very essence of this place, Epupa Falls.

Right here, on the edge of this small desert wonder, is the very heart of Epupa, Epupa Falls Lodge. All 5 en-suite chalets have the same spectacular view onto the falls. The limited number of chalets ensures that you receive personal attention and are treated as a special guest. You also have a the luxury of a sitting area to enjoy the view during the heat of the day. All the chalets are equipped with mosquito nets. Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite has become famous for its deck and restaurant. Christa's Kitchen serves the best food in the area while you either enjoy the spray of the falls or a chat around the bar. Epupa Falls Lodge runs on solar power and tries to be as green as possible while we still provide our guests with wireless internet as well as the option to charge camera equipment etc.

The Kunene region is already a very popular destination for cultural enthusiasts that want to meet the Ovahimba up close and personal. Add to this the mighty Kunene and its even more spectacular falls, and we have a top destination. The Epupa Falls remain the main attraction while the Himba people come a close second. For the returning traveller, it is the isolation of the Epupa area that appeals.