Namushasha River Lodge

An enriching adventure into Nature

Namushasha River Lodge celebrates the wonders of the Zambezi region. With elephants, hippos, a myriad bird species, waterlilies and the African bush, Namushasha welcomes you to wonderland.

The lodge offers guests a variety of exciting activities: Stroll past the campsite to the traditional heritage center; hop aboard the boats for early morning or late afternoon river cruises to explore the channels and discover the diverse bird life; or take a trip to the Bwabwata National Park, first by boat along the waterways and later transferring to a game vehicle for an excursion into the African bush.

In December 2013 Namushasha River Lodge was voted Community Conservancy Lodge of the Year by NACSO in recognition of Gondwana’s close cooperation with the Mashi community in terms of employment, nature conservation and support for the Namushasha Cultural Village.

In 2012 Gondwana Collection Namibia entered into a Joint Venture agreement with the Mashi Conservancy. This agreement ensures that a fair share of the financial benefits derived from the tourism operations within the conservancy are channelled through to the conservancy and the community. Apart from the bed levies obtained, the community also benefits through employment and sale of goods and services to the local lodge and visiting tourists. In 2017, Gondwana Collection Namibia and the Mashi Conservancy signed an Employment and Skills Development Plan to coordinate the empowerment and development of the local people.


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