Namushasha River Campsite

Breathe in the spirit of the Kwando River

Set up your tent on the grassy bank under old trees and feel at home close to nature.

Join a guided tour into the Bwabwata National Park, starting from the nearby Namushasha River Lodge. Gather your bundle of firewood and return to your campsite home. Enjoy a cosy evening with friends at the campfire next to the reed-lined river.

Campers are welcome to enjoy the swimming pool or dine at the Namushasha River Lodge Restaurant. Or take a walk to the Namushasha Heritage Centre, a private sector-conservancy collaboration between the Gondwana Collection and the Mashi Conservancy, celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the eastern Zambezi Region.

In 2012 Gondwana Collection Namibia entered into a Joint Venture agreement with the Mashi Conservancy. This agreement ensures that a fair share of the financial benefits derived from the tourism operations within the conservancy are channelled through to the conservancy and community. Apart from the bed levies obtained, the community also benefits through employment and sale of goods and services to the local lodge and visiting tourists. In 2017, Gondwana Collection Namibia and the Mashi Conservancy signed an Employment and Skills Development Plan to coordinate the empowerment and development of the local people.