Mashi Crafts

Mashi Crafts Trading Post is an outlet for crafts and other natural resource products from the communities on the west and east of the Kwando river.

Mashi is the local name for the Kwando river. The thirteen conservancies in the Zambezi region and four additional groups that supply one central market at Kongola consist of Mafwe, Mayei, Mbukush, Masubia and Khoe people. In addition Mashi supports crafters from the neighbouring countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Mashi Crafts which started from a small beginning in 1995 is now run as an independent trading post having expanded beyond crafts. It serves tourists and visitors to the area, and exports products out of the region to outlets in Swakopmund and Windhoek. 

At the Trading Post you will find baskets, carvings, jewellery, chitenge cloth and the mokolo chitenge collection, Ecoso natural devil's claw remedies, honey in season, firewood and cool drinks.


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