Palmwag Lodge and Camp

Overlooking the sweeping northern Damaraland landscape peppered with green euphorbias, Palmwag Lodge and Camp await their guests amid swaying makalani palms and robust mopane trees.

The spectacular surroundings harbour the famous desert elephant and the rare desert adapted black rhino. The Palmwag concession area is home to the largest predator population outside the Etosha National Park, with over 100 lions, cheetah, leopard, brown and spotted hyena. Bird life is prolific and diverse with most of Namibia's endemic species occurring here. Join a guided rhino tracking activity, a wildlife excursion, a fascinating morning hike or enjoy our Under Canvas overnight safaris – at Palmwag you are simply spoilt for choice.

Join a guided hike, a day or morning of exploration, a sleep-out or a sundowner drive in the 582 000-hectare Palmwag Concession.

Palmwag collaborates with neighbouring conservancies, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism and Save the Rhino Trust to safeguard this rich wild heritage, offering guests extraordinary unrivalled African experiences.

Gondwana took over the existing joint venture agreement with the Sesfontein, Anabeb and Torra conservancies (also known as the Big-3 conservancies). The agreement ensures that financial benefit from the lodge operations is shared with the conservancies and the communities of the Big-3 conservancies.


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