Space & contemplation

Namibia’s is the second most sparsely populated country in the world, second only to Mongolia. In the country’s communal conservancies there is space to explore, space for camping, space for connecting and space for contemplation.

Space is liberating. Driving for hours on dusty roads, where a few villages dot the landscape, and there isn’t another vehicle to be seen. Settling at an intimate communal conservancy campsite for the night, knowing that your presence supports conservation and community development.

Covering more than 20% of the country, Namibia’s communal conservancies are home to a variety of landscapes from dunes to rocky plains, forest to rivers, and each one has its own sense of wonder.

Adding to the sense of space is the sense of community, knowing that this land is protected and shared by Namibians whose history and cultures and rooted in this land and who also have a vested interest in the future of conservation.

Enjoy the quiet, the dome of stars that fill the sky, explore the milky way and the endless horizons, and then look inward and explore that the space closest to your soul.

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