Namibia is a photographer’s dream. There are magical hours, days and nights. Spectacular wildlife, landscapes and people of old, evolving cultures found in Namibia’s communal conservancies provide endless opportunities for keen amateur and professional photographers to capture stunning images.

From sunrise to sunset, point your camera in any direction and the viewfinder fills with the unique. For those who enjoy long, languid exposures, there is the opportunity to play with light in spectacular landscapes or against crisp, clear skies. Looking for action? From quick movements of crocodiles slithering into a river, a cheetah in full stride or birds taking flight, there are endless challenges for you and your shutter speeds. Photographers with macro lenses can focus on stones, spiders and the "little five" creatures that fill a macro lens with magic.

Namibians are beautiful people, inside and out, and when approached with respect, most are open to being photographed. The uniqueness found in smiles, in the beads that frame an old San man's face, the drape of ochre packed hair that falls over a young Himba woman's head, the bright blocks of colour that drape Damara Nama women, and the vibrant red that marks the Herero men and women's clothing of consequence: these are just some of the stunning images that can be captured in stills and video.

Namibia's communal conservancies have drawn some of the best photographers in the world. Will you be next?

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