Omatako Valley Rest Camp

Where else on the planet can you drive across one of the most stunning deserts by day and be sung to sleep in one of the world's most ancient and unique languages by night under a star crammed sky without emails, phones or even a postal service? Omatako Valley Rest Camp is such a place.

On arrival it appears unassuming but don't pass by - take the time to stop here for a night or two and experience this unique community run campsite in the heart of the Kalahari wilderness where you can witness one of the oldest cultures on earth and see how the community are facing the challenges of the 21st Century. Their community has altered rapidly and now they are positioned in a liminal place between many conflicting issues and lifestyles. The community though the Rest Camp offer a very honest and poignant insight into their life and your stay benefits them directly. You will be warmly greeted by all and guided by a guide whose sensitive approach will enrich your trip.

You won't forget your visit no matter how short. It may transform you.

Facilities include a variety of spacious campsites on sand under shady trees, each with braai areas, table, taps and sinks. Wood is available for purchase. Ablution blocks with flush toilets, sinks and showers. Craft shop. Information and English speaking guides.

Activities offered include a village tour, bush walk and an evening of traditional songs and dances.


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