Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp

The perfect place from which to experience Epupa enchantment.

Nestled under the swaying makalani palms and situated 200 metres upstream from the spectacular Epupa Falls, along the Kunene River, lies the Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp. This cosy lodge is the perfect place to lull you into a peaceful reverie.

Dine with a river view and wake to the music of the falls and the sound of palm thrushes singing in the trees. The Epupa area has much to offer including stunning sunsets, perennially flowing waters, the thundering Epupa Falls, a vast variety of bird species with some being endemic to the Kunene River area, as well as the Himba tribes who still enjoy a traditional way of life.

Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp is the ideal get away destination from which the diverse Epupa area can be explored.

A new joint venture agreement between Gondwana and the Epupa Conservancy ensures that financial benefit from the lodge operations is shared with the conservancy and the communities of the Epupa Conservancy. A community development fund is also set up to fund community empowerment projects.


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