Madisa Lodge and Campsite

Madisa Camp is situated in Damaraland. Ideal for the traveler who wishes to camp comfortably without compromising the experience of exclusivity in a vast and magnificent wilderness. Desert elephants, wildlife, culture, rock paintings and much more…

Madisa Camp is situated on the D2612 road to Twyfelfontein, a very popular route. The camp is hidden between amazing rock formations which are scattered with Bushman Paintings and is privy to an ancient desert elephant route that often gets visited by these beautiful giants.

Ideal for the traveler who wishes to camp comfortably without compromising the experience of exclusivity in this vast and magnificent area of Damaraland Namibia. Madisa is a good base camp to explore from as there are very interesting sites in the area such as Twyfelfontein, Brandberg, the Petrified Forest and much more. These are all an easy drive and after a day of exploring what better than to finish with a swim and enjoy your campsite under a blanket of stars.

Each spacious campsite has an exquisite view of the Gauntegab River bed and rock formations. The campsites have individual ablution facilities situated on stilts hidden in the tree tops. The braai facilities also double up as a heater (donkey system) for hot running water at each open air shower. The camp sites are shaded by large Mopane trees and have a low rock wall around each site.

The swimming pool and bar area are very welcoming after a long day and give you a chance to rejuvenate and enjoy your surroundings. It’s also nice to meet fellow travelers and share tales around a communal camp fire at night while the sky puts on a breath taking show of stars.

A few things to know:

1. Madisa does have wild animals around and is not fenced off so it is good to stay alert and responsible at all times.

Some advice when the desert elephants pass through…

Do not shine torches at elephants this makes them aggressive.

Do not run, stop and slowly walk away.

Do not scream or make loud noises.

Do not let your dog bark.

Stop and listen for branches breaking and ‘rumbling’ noises if moving around at night.

Do not take flash photographs, if they are close by just enjoy watching them. Keep your distance. The elephants know we are here, if the situation is calm they will remain calm. So please help us to give the elephants the respect they deserve.

2. We run on a generator at night from sun down to about 9pm this is mainly for lights in the campsites. It is advised to travel with all your necessary back up batteries etc. for keeping your fridge/deep freezers going for your stay.

3.  We do allow dogs to visit too but they need to be kept under control at all times as we do have baboons in camp most of the time and this can be hazardous for your pup. Our dogs are also normally in camp and are well behaved towards other dogs most of the time.

4. Our water is drinkable but does not taste nice as it has large amounts of Kalk in it. We do sell water at the bar but its always a good idea to travel this area with a decent drinkable water supply.

5. Ice is not always available.

6. 2×4 cars can reach Madisa but the road can get corrugated and quite bumpy at times.

7. We do sell wood at the camp for N$20 per bundle.

8. We do have cold drinks etc.

9. Please love and respect our area as much as we do.

10. Enjoy your stay at Madisa:)


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