Living Museum of the Mafwe & Campsite

The Living Museum of the Mafwe was opened in February 2008 and is cultural highlight in the region.

The Living Museum is an authentic open-air museum where guests can learn a lot about the traditional culture and the original way of living of the Mafwe. It is located at Simgalamwe, about 17 km north of Kongola. The Living Museum consists of a traditional village and its surrounding fields on a beautiful hill with a view on the Kwando River. Huge Baobab trees spend shadow for the guests that are interested in the original Mafwe Culture. The Mafwe present their old, almost forgotten culture in traditional dress.

The actors of the Mafwe Living Museum demonstrate and describe everything with great dedication and the guide translates into English. Almost every offered program is interactive, because it is also great fun for them when the visitors try to weave a traditional net or taste some of the offered meals.

At the Living Museum there is a craft shop where you can buy crafts, jewellery and common tools of the Mafwe. You will support the whole community of Singalamwe, the village where most of the actors of the Living Museum live. Everyone from Singalamwe - not only the actors of the Living Museum - is encouraged to produce crafts for the craftshop to generate an extra income for the whole community.

A visit to the Living Museum is an unforgettable experience!


For the adventurous there is a basic bushcamp which consists of a cleared area, where tents can be pitched – there is no water and electricity but a dry toilet. Fire wood is available to buy.


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