4x4 routes & camping

Highways lead to by-ways that lead to countless side tracks in Namibia’s communal conservancies, just waiting to be explored by the intrepid traveler. From rocky rugged passes in the northwest to the east where water turns tracks into muddy quagmires, there are challenges for the toughest vehicle and driver.

Before planning your trip to Namibia, check out these routes and sidetracks. There are also tracks that disappear into distant horizons that beckon you onwards. Along these tracks are many campsites that are owned and operated by communal conservancies. Instead of “wild camping” that leaves no benefits behind to the custodians of the land, seek out these campsites and support the people who are supporting conservation in the area. It is their heritage and they are proud to share it with visitors.

Namibia’s network of gravel roads provides almost unlimited access. But there are limits that you’ll want to respect. Please do not drive off road. Vehicle tracks can scar the landscape for decades and destroy plant and animal life that lives in this fragile environment. Also maintain a safe distance from wildlife so that animals do not feel threatened by your presence. Your experience – and theirs – will be so much better.

When exploring Namibia’s communal conservancies, please be respectful that you are on land that is managed and protected by communities and that one source of income comes from camping fees.  Please support conservancies by staying at these campsites, which are included in the listings below.

Where to go