What to do

Experience the authentic Namibia

Climb the highest mountain in Namibia, discover ancient rock art, marvel at the wonders of springbok, zebra and elephants roaming free across a rocky, barren landscape, drift down a river lulled by lapping water, a chorus of bird calls and the bellows of hippo.

Point your camera and everywhere you aim a beautiful scene comes into focus. Visit cultural villages where the emphasis is on preservation not re-creation, learn traditional tracking skills from the original hunter-gathers, the San, become entranced by songs sung in the lyrical clicks of local languages as flames flicker around the fire. Ask questions. Discover what it’s like to be part of living, evolving culture from the semi-nomadic Himba in the northwest, or what life on the river means to the myriad of cultural groups that live along the rivers of the Zambezi.

With 86 conservancies to explore, your "what to do on my Namibian adventure" list is about to get a lot longer!