For Martha Lambert seeing wildlife and beautiful landscapes makes her day

For Martha Lambert seeing wildlife and beautiful landscapes makes her day

Position: Farmer and game guard since 2006, //Audi Conservancy

Job responsibilities: Conduct patrols, monitor natural resources and work to mitigate human wildlife conflict

"As a game guard, my job involves doing patrols in the conservancy and keeping track of natural resource incidences such as wildlife sightings, mortalities and human wildlife conflicts in my event book.

After doing my morning house chores, I take a cup of tea and start walking in the field at around 9 am, sometimes 10. It is so quiet out there, the only thing you hear is birds singing. Walking around in the field, seeing wildlife and the beautiful landscapes makes my day.

My conservancy does not generate income at the moment and so we do this voluntarily. My income comes from farming small livestock-goats, which I sometimes take with to go grazing in the field and look after them while I am doing my job."

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