Video Inspiration

Be inspired by the sights, sounds and stories from Namibia’s communal conservancies. Below are several videos that will prompt you to go from searching for your next holiday destination to taking the next step and finalising your plans to make that destination Namibia!

Sustainable tourism in Namibia's communal conservancies

To be sustainable, tourism development must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and aspirations. Namibia's approach to sustainable tourism has delivered positive, dramatic results - celebrating cultural diversity, contributing to the rural economy, and providing visitors with an authentic African experience.

Destination Namibia

Promoting tourism is a top priority for Namibia, and adventure tourism is a fast growing market – but what does it offer? In Namibia’s communal conservancies the great opportunities are in destinations where wildlife roams free in spectacular landscapes.

42% and counting

42% is the amount of land under conservation management in Namibia. No where else in the world comes close to this degree of protection. But 42% isn’t just a number. 42% is changing landscapes and it’s changing lives.

Namibia - Conservation first. COVID chronicles

As the team make their way around the vast and untamed land they'll be regaling viewers with their tallest campfire stories, their intimate knowledge of nature and natural processes, and rare encounters with the personalities and organisations that drive Namibia's award winning conservation efforts.

Living With Lions in Namibia

Farmer Janjie Rheyn in Kunene loses livestock to lions, but he is prepared to live with wildlife for the sake of conservation. Lion researcher Flip Stander is shown tracking lions and IRDNC Director John Kasaona talks about conservation.

Only in Namibia

Vast landscapes, thriving wildlife, inspiring people. Only in Namibia. Be part of something remarkable.

Pride of Namibia

Key figures in Namibian conservation talk about the value of the CBNRM programme to communities and to conservation, against a backdrop of landscape and wildlife photography.

Sustainable Tourism Adventures

REI adventure travel company praises Namibian conservation and awards its sustainable tourism grant to Namibia, providing equipment for game guards.