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Namibia's communal conservancies span the extremes of the country, from the lush, flowing rivers of the north, including one of only a few perennial rivers in Namibia - the Kunene - to the harsh, dry and fabulous stark landscape of conservancies in western Namibia where dry riverbeds incise the landscape and provide habitat for desert dwelling wildlife and hardy people.

From massive herds of elephants to solitary brown hyenas, a chorus of birdsong to quiet landscapes, and expressions of culture that are etched in the rocks and alive on faces of children, communal conservancies offer variety beyond belief.

Explore different regions and add diverse activities to form one incredible trip… and another… and another… there is no limit to the number of combinations that lead to adventure!

Self-drive trips, fly-in safaris, and guided tours will take you to Namibia’s communal conservancies, which are home to over 60 Joint Venture partnerships, where the private sector and conservancies have joined together to create lodges that offer exceptional experiences for guests and a tangible stake in the future for conservancies' members.

Use the map to explore the regions, find links of places that look interesting, then book them or contact them from the links on their pages, or reach out to tourism operators in Namibia and your home country to book a trip of a lifetime!

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