Explore Namibia’s communal conservancies where conservation, culture and authentic experiences are at the heart of a journey of a lifetime.

From the rivers of the Zambezi to the mountains of the Kunene, from the baobab studded forests of the east to the deserts in the south, Namibia’s communal conservancies encompass over 20% of the country’s land.  One in four rural Namibians is a resident of a communal conservancy, where community members have the rights and responsibilities to use their natural resources sustainably, including making the bold choice to live with wildlife.

Decades of hard work and dedication by conservancy members have led to incredible results:  the expansion of wildlife range and numbers, preservation of unique cultures, and the opportunity to partner with world-class tourism establishments to offer authentic travel experiences where your stay contributes directly to conservation and community development.

Explore the myriad of exciting tourism opportunities in Namibia’s communal conservancies, then contact tourism operators in your country or conservancy Joint Ventures* in Namibia to book a trip of a lifetime.

*Joint Ventures are tourism partnerships between communities who have the tourism rights to an area and private sector tourism operators who provide funding and expertise

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