An Elephant Safari

Be stunned by their size and silence: elephants inspire dreams and a safari of a lifetime!

The largest land animal on Earth, elephants captivate us. They inspire poems, movies, and passion. To see an elephant in the wild is a dream come true for many who visit Africa. To see elephants in the desert, the open plains and crossing rivers is beyond a dream - it is, in fact, a fascinating reality in Namibia.

Namibia is one of the few countries in Africa where wildlife is increasing in range and numbers, including a growing population of elephant, and Namibia’s communal conservancies are playing a critical role in providing space for elephants and other wildlife to roam free.

So why not take an elephant-focused safari across Namibia? Start by observing desert-adapted elephants in the dry, ephemeral rivers in conservancies in the northwest and west of the country, move on to Etosha National Park to see the proverbial "white elephant" as these giants are sometimes coated in white calcrete dust, move on to the conservancies bordering Khaudum National Park where big elephant herds abound and then on to the Zambezi where elephants are traveling back and forth through conservancies and across rivers and borders that are part of KAZA, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Park.

Each sighting is special, each place is beautiful, and every single elephant is extraordinary!

Explore Conservancy Joint Venture Lodges in these areas where elephants are free to roam:

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